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  • What is SABZ token?  - SABZ is the primary and parent governance token of all Tezos stablecoins in its network, including USDtz.
  • Why is it called SABZ token? - SABZ is the diminutive form of the name Stabletez, used as the symbol of the token. Coinsidentally, the word sabz, in many languages around the world, means green. The word 'green' in the United States is a common colloquialism for the word money.
  • What is Stabletez? - Stabletez is a network of stablecoin smart-contracts built on Tezos. These smart-contracts and token assets include USDtez (USDTZ), as well as the forthcoming BTCtez (BTCTZ), GLDtez, EURtez, ETHtez and many more.
  • On which token standard is SABZ built?  - The FA token standard, which is the Tezos community accepted standard. FA is not merely open-source; it’s the universally accepted global token standard for Tezos. What the ERC token standards are respectively for the Ethereum ecosystem, such is the FA token standard. Uniquely, SABZ will be built using the upgraded FA 2.0 standard which enables instantiation of FA 1.2 smart-contracts (such as that of USDtz and others)
  • What is the value of SABZ tokens? - SABZ token has parental permissions over the local stabletez smart-contracts (including USDtz). SABZ holders can permit, delegate, and interoperate with more localized governance to each stablecoin’s smart-contract. This includes matters of protocol upgrade and matters of reward distribution, even as applicable to their own upgrades and payouts; self amending, like Tezos itself. 
  • What kind of governance does SABZ consensus employ?  -  On-chain governance, continuously inspired by the groundreaking and ever-advancing on-chain governance of Tezos itself.
  • How is SABZ token distributed?  -  Most SABZ starts and ends up in the hands of stakers and participants of the decentralized community. Until the total to-be-minted supply of SABZ runs out, USDtz stakers earn SABZ it as a reward for staking USDtz (yield-generation). SABZ may also be purchased on an exchange.
  • What is to be the total supply of SABZ token? -  2 billion terminal supply of SABZ, including all minted and yet-to-be minted. (1 billion minted at genesis and airdropped to TRU token holders (frozen at first and unfrozen over an 18 month vest. 1 billion minted over time to stakers. TRU will have a public token sale.
USDtz Whitepaper

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